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Kraftwerk 18

The 4 channel KW-18 high power amplifier is a system amplifier developed and manufactured in-house by Lambda Labs with extreme output power and sonic reference quality, making it an ideal performer for every professional sound reinforcement applications such as touring applications, fixed installations, clubs, cinemas and high-end studios.

Not many loudspeaker manufacturers choose to build their own amplifier. Lambda Labs took this step in order to maximize the full potential of Lambda Labs loudspeaker products and to create a product that incorporates fundamental improvements in amplification technology in the pro-audio industry. Market analyses and internal testing and product comparisons of existing amplifier products showed that certain areas, such as generously dimensioned power supplies for spectacular and above all long-term bass reproduction, are in general not sufficiently taken into account. In addition, sonic aspects of an amplifier appear to be limited to certain frequency ranges and require the purchase of different products for different reproduction ranges. Damping factors are not sufficient, especially in the upper frequency ranges, and even the largest power amplifiers have a severely limited total output power.

Thanks to its 3-phase regulated switching power supply, the KW-18 amplifier has power reserves of up to 32 kilowatts peak power and up to 18 kilowatts continuous total output power, even if all channels are driven by low frequency signals. These power specifications are not only available for a few milliseconds, but realistic values. The amplifier can be operated flexibly using one, two or three phases Power (110 - 255 Volt AC 50/60 Hz), depending on availability, which allows it to be used in a wide variety of locations and environments.

The use of very high-frequency switch-mode amplifiers with high reactive currents resulting an extremely broadband operation, ensures the sonic excellence over the entire reproduction range of the KW-18 amplifier, which is expressed in very detailed highs, warm but precise mids and absolutely stunning low-frequency reproduction. Other features such as an extremely low, frequency-independent harmonic distortion or the extraordinarily high damping factor even at 20 kHz are just as much an expression of the quality level of the Kraftwerk-Series as the particularly robust cabinet or the state-of-the-art protection circuits.

The analogue KW-18 amplifier can be upgraded to the Lambda Labs DSP version at any time. The Lambda Labs DSP is currently in the development phase.

Please feel free to compare the Lambda Labs KW-18 with your current amplifier and convince yourself.

Technical Data

Typ High power 4 channel amplifier
Output Power (All Channels Driven) 16 Ohms / 4 x 1200 Watts
Output Power (All Channels Driven) 8 Ohms / 4 x 2300 Watts
Output Power (All Channels Driven) 4 Ohms / 4 x 4500 Watts
Output Power (All Channels Driven) 3 Ohms / 4 x 4000 Watts
Frequency Response 10 - 50.000Hz (+0/-3dB)
Voltage Gain 30dB
Damping Factor (@1kHz/8Ohms) 800
Signal to Noise Ratio (A-weighted) 128dB/A
Input Impedance (Symmetrical) 10kOhms (20kOhms) – info
THD+N (20Hz -20kHz typ. @1/2 Power) 0,02%
Minimum Load Impedance 2 Ohms / Channel
Display AC Input OK, Error, Limit -3dB, -6dB, -12dB & Signal LED
Protection Circuitry Overvoltage protection / Undervoltage protection Overcurrent protection (Peak/RMS) Short Circuit protection Output DC protection Overtemperature protection Voltage Clip Limiter Current Limiter (Peak/RMS)
AC Power Voltage Range 3 x 90Vac - 3 x 255Vac
Current Draw 3 x 8 A RMS @230Vac (1/8 Power)
Further Information FAQs
Width 483 mm (19")
Height 89 mm (2RU) (3,5")
Depth 584 mm (23")
Weight 18 kg (39,7 lbs)

Product Images

KW-18 Animation


KW-18 manual 1.4
(PDF – 3.8 MB)
User’s manual detailing technical components and operating instructions (Release 2020-08-05)
KW-18 amplifier rack manual 1.1
(PDF – 5.7 MB)
User’s manual detailing technical components and operating instructions (Release 2020-08-05)
KW-18 product images
(JPEGs – 2.6 MB)
High resolution product shots on neutral backdrop
KW-18 product images
(PNGs – 2.3 MB)
High resolution product shots, masked with alpha channel