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We didn’t count them yet. But in any case there are a lot of two way 12" loudspeakers out there. And some of them raise the bar pretty high. However in order to provide the audience with a new and impressive listening experience and likewise underline performance and multifunctionality, the Lambda Labs engineers hit the trail to find the TX-2A. And they found it. But not on an out stamped trail, but on new methodical and systematical trails.

To exemplarily assimilate the TX-series to our high demands, the TX-2A takes those properties as a basis, which were always important at Lambda Labs and which coin this first class family in its entirety and which denote their great success. Therefore the shapely design and likewise multifunctional top doesn’t only allow most variable installation possibilities right up to a premium monitor, but rather works against partial swinging due to the protracted vibration analyses. Beneath such rather complex and iterative methods, on the way of optimizing one’s products, at odd times one encounter such refreshingly easy and natural solution processes, which ideally and resource-conserving find their place in our product line. Therefore, due to the used Cheviot sheep’s wool, the enclosures are capable to suppress standing waves highly efficient, what brings an immense soundwise advantage precisely within the fundamental frequency range between 100 to 500Hz. And because we really don’t want to accept any soundwise loss, the TX-2A, as all other Lambda Labs loudspeakers, is handed over with a tonally high transparent and especially resistant front mesh, which makes every front foam look old by comparison, or rather sound old, in the true sense of the word.

Owing to the precise algorithms of the internal signal processor and the well elaborated architecture of the chassis, the 12" top TX-2 finally succeeds with the acoustical 2-way / 3-way “quantum leap”.

The mathematically modeled enclosure provides such a precise impulse reproduction to this highly compact loudspeaker, which is usually only reached by high end 3-way designs. 3-way solutions which after that doesn’t only weight 16.5 kg and which are not put expressly on a stand with an inclinable stand flange, reaching such outrageous levels in top or full range mode. An ally musician expressed it really bonny after the first setup: “In any way no way to much.”

To our joy, the TX-2A is able to more than just bringing easily so much driving forth on two ways. For example to glare especially in the lowmid reproduction. The decisive cause therefor is the first class developed 12" long excursion driver with its 3" voice coil, which oscillates equiphasely up to the upper midrange. Starting first from 1400Hz, the generously dimensioned compression driver works into an elliptical constant-directivity horn wherefore this uniform directivity with likewise relieved high frequency unit can be granted.

Precisely for a 2-way design, minimal intermodulation distortions are the guarantor for a clean speech reproduction, with what the TX-2 predestinates for every speech and live application, and even due to its compactness, it also fits into the musical general view in fixed installations for clubs, concert halls and gala events. With the integrated 800 plus 200 Watt RMS DSP amplifying modules, you are technically speaking at the touch of a button from an impressive plug-and-play display. Because we were talking about searching and finding, matching woofers can also be obtained only two clicks further…

Technical Data

System High power 2-way fullrange top
Configuration 1 x 12" high excursion 3" VC driver
1 x HF-compression driver with 1.75" VC polyester diaphragm
Electronics 800W + 200W RMS amping power
Signal Processor 24bit ADC/DAC, 48kHz sample rate
Frequency Respose 65 – 20,000Hz (+/- 3dB)
Coverage Angle 80° horizontal x 55° vertical
Monitor Angle 46° / 66°
Crossover Frequency 1400Hz
Sensitivity 96dB / 1W / 1m – info
Connection XLR in / out, Powercon in / out
Setup Configuration Setups
Further Information FAQs
Enclosure Rigid braced construction of special 12mm lightweight-wood
Finish High density polyurethane-coating
Front Cover Weather-resistant front fabric on coated 1.5mm perforated steel
Width 14.3" (362 mm)
Height 23.7" (603 mm)
Depth 15.1" (384 mm)
Weight 38.4 lbs (16.5 kg)

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TX-2A product sheet
(PDF – 1.4 MB)
product details, technical specifications, application examples
TX-2A manual 1.2
(PDF – 4.0 MB)
User’s manual detailing technical components and operating instructions (Release 2020-05-28)
TX-2A product images
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High resolution product shots on neutral backdrop
TX-2A product images
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High resolution product shots, masked with alpha channel