Lambda Labs professional acoustics


Subwoofers – A deep-reaching connection

1960 the world was needier by one secret. The human being richer in having a record. Jacques Piccard dived into the Challenger Deep with his Trieste. 10916 meter subzero into a world of depth and pressure. An meticulous planed mission to match himself with the physics. A story of success.

50 years later Lambda Labs takes up that frontier spirit again and sounds out the limits between depth and pressure in the acoustic world once more. And this even free of ballast and heavy equipment. However in the current state of the art, latest advanced materials and a skilful hearing.

The result are rich and high-resolution woofers with likewise record breaking draft and output. Depending on the application always freely scalable and operational in full bandwidth. Whether you prefer to use directly radiating or horn loaded woofers, we want to leave this up to your choice for now. However you can’t decide yourself at all: We have woofers with two modes of operation in one enclosure too…