Lambda Labs professional acoustics



Always a wavelength ahead…

A high standard which Lambda Labs elected as its model since the dawn. A standard which has to be scrutinized again and again. A standard that above all has to be sufficient unto itself. Granted: Not an easy task. As one dissolve this challenge consequently, there is one principle left that allows us to fulfil our mission statement continuously: The principle of maximum.

Therefore we tax our brains. In fact heavily. We worry about what you need to accomplish more than only a convincing job. What you need to work easier and being more efficiently. To play any lower, rig any faster, transport still less and delight your audience still more. To carry less, to work safer and to look good any longer. Or plain, to be closest to your very own sound by yourself.

Highest austrian quality

Leading the way

Highest quality components

  • Special lightweight-wood
  • Extreme rigid PU coating
  • stainless due to high-grade steel- and aluminium components
  • High power long excursion speakers
  • Generously-dimensioned magnetsystems

Non-compromise concepts

  • Excellent sound dispersion
  • Coherent wave front designs
  • Ultra low distortion systems
  • Perfect scaleable solutions
  • Outstanding handling

Compact, light and loud – audible perfection


Company profile

Always a wavelength ahead… Lambda Labs is an innovative and technically leading company in the electro acoustic field with its headquarter in Graz. As first official Austrian speaker manufacturer in the PA segment, Lambda Labs continues the tradition of its country as a guarantor for quality.

The company’s name is composed of the Greek character “Lambda”, which is used as the physical symbol for wavelength, and the English “Labs” as a shortcut for laboratories. This wording typifies modern technique and targeted research in the field of the electroacoustic present.


According to its mission statement Lambda Labs develops pioneer products and extensive concepts at the highest stage. The unison of the latest simulation models, electro acoustic know how, latest materials as well as their own high demands creates innovations that sometimes may win prizes. However, to be always a wavelength ahead doesn’t simply mean to develop high end products, but to shape them user-oriented. Therefore Lambda Labs’ top priority is the close cooperation with the users and meet their requirements on the front. Lambda Labs clearly backs on the high quality standards in Austria. To achieve that high goals, the development, the mounting of the parts and the quality control therefore exclusively takes place in St. Pölten near Vienna and is exclusively performed by qualified personnel.

Customer support service

The account management plays a super ordinate role too. Our team is at your service at all times, and this round the clock. Thirst of knowledge and curiosity can quenched in our seminars and information events, in which the latest knowledge from the world of research and development from our company is brought within reach for the interested. More and more audiophile people confide in our products what reflects in renowned installations.


The concept

Within Lambda Labs you won’t find countless different product lines. Rather intelligently scalable speaker types offer you the possibility to accomplish all types sound reinforcement applications uncompromisingly. The compact dimensions, the tremendous power, the little weight and the acoustic perfection completes the appearance.

Innovative features

Besides the acoustical innovation of the products there are improvements in the field of handling and rigging too. The new, specially developed “EPS” flight hardware allows click&fly rigging within seconds and an effortless degree adjustment of the radiation up to a decile rank, and this even clustered with several tops. Even after decades of hard road operation the mechanic parts will stay gala-serviceably on-the-road and always operational. The consistent application of stainless steel and aluminium in our loudspeakers makes this additionally possible.

The promise of quality

The equipping of the loudspeakers follows unrestricted with most high-grade components. These are mounted from hand by trained personnel, checked and processed. Finally all products run through an acoustic and mechanical performance test. Therefore a seamless quality control can be verified over all production processes.

The customer service

Even the usage of the most high-grade components can’t save from unforeseen failures or repairs. The 24 hours account management will offer a fast aid and an open ear.

The principle of sustainability

Lambda Labs is endeavoured, as far as possible, about handling materials resource-conserving. The waiver of superfluous packaging, the usage of renewable materials, the over-average performance efficiency and not least the over-average durability of the products contribute to the environmentalism.