Lambda Labs professional acoustics

Monitors: CX-Series

CX series

What’s your opinion? Egg or chicken? Monitor or PA? What comes here from what, or who influences whom…or what has more importance in the end? Looking at Lambda Labs’ products the answer is very easy. Preferably all out of one hand and that’s it. Whereby with the CX series there remains one question of clarifying: Whether it is a monitor or top after all?

Regarded functionally as well as soundwise, the exclusive coaxial assembled CX series indeed leaves nothing to be desired and delivers performance in true sense to the point: Whether as an inconspicuous CX-1 monitor for small stages with an output for big ones, or the CX-3 as high power tapping with a massive mid frequency smack or even flown as top with one and the same flight hardware in an instant. Subwoofer below, ready. The unique design of the enclosure thereby combines shapely look with likewise sensational technical advantage, which provides a truly perfect mirror for musicians. If you dare? Mirrored genuine! But surely not beautifying…