Lambda Labs professional acoustics

Tops: TX-Series

The TX-Series – a family with principles

Not simply good tops. Up from the beginning this had been targeted by our engineers by developing a new top serie. Not simply good tops, but excellent and multifunctional tools for professional demands in all areas, which define the pulse of time and reflect the feasibility of modern sound design decisively. How nice attaining one’s ends: The TX-Series.

Meanwhile we name it the epiphany feeling, which is experienced by our clients dealing with the products of the TX serie. Frequently already at the first time, but at the latest after the first gig with thier own hands and ears on the mixer console. “No, this is no processed music material” you can often hear us saying, “its just a TX speaker.”

Of course that much praise nonplusses. But also a little feeling of pride. After all, the way to develop three tops that are capable to rank themselves seamlessly into Lambda Labs’ product line while every single one of them delights by its innovative performance, was a long one. This already starts regarding the weight but doesn’t already end regarding the intelligent 1-click rigging hardware in series…

The TX speakers distinguish themselves only by the size and the equipping. However their inner values stay within the Lambda Labs family. A family with highest demands. Dynamic tools with a maximum of headroom and first class sound.