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Combi Cluster Pin / Combi Pin

The Combi Cluster Pin provides zero-play joining between the T-Bracket and the Cluster bracket in a Cluster compound. Construction of the Combination Cluster Pin is identical to the Combination Pin, including however an additional self-locking counter nut in its delivery. The Combination Cluster Pin fits all cluster options equally. Depending on cluster size, 2 or 3 Combination Cluster Pins are required.

The Combi Pin provides quick and easy connection of all wheelboard options. Optional use allows for simple plugging or additional fastening for vibration-free attachment of the wheelboard. Delivery of the wheelboard includes 2 combination pins in loss-free connection.

The Combi Cluster Pin can be used with the following rigging options:

The Combi Pin can be used with the following wheelboards:

Diameter: 8/10mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Black