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The Department of Research within the area of organ music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz uses CX-1A Monitors.

The research within the area of organ music at the institute for Church Music and Organ is pursuing new routes in playing and hearing the instrument. One point of focus lies on discovering organs through methods of electronic and mixed sound production regarding its potential for playing technique and sound aesthetics. Of further interest will be developments of the organ and its literature within the dialogue of composition, interpretation and construction of the instrument.

Technical areas of Organ Music Research comprise:

  • Multiple channel projection via loudspeakers
  • Recording processes for digital organs
  • Console developments: ergonomics and interface
  • Hybrid Organs: the harmony of pipes and electronics
  • Tuning systems and dynamic intonation

Lambda Labs wish a successful research!

Pictures: Wolfgang Spekner
Where: Planetarium Judenburg, Austria.
State-of-the-art “Mini-Planetarium” in Europe

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