Lambda Labs professional acoustics

Hi-Mod Audio is the new official Lambda Labs distribution partner for Hungary!

Pro-Rental company Hi-Mod Audio was established in 2012, bringing decades of experience together in the fields of music, event technical services, event organization, consulting and marketing by the proprietors.

The goal was to create a company of innovative approach with a mind-set of creative solutions, based on valuable, high-quality cooperations. A firm that finds the satisfaction of its professional customers, partners, coworkers and owners at least as important as it's business success. The foundation of this all, is the commitment to perfect acoustic experience.

“It took us years to find Lambda Labs – provider of exceptional quality products and solutions, while getting in harmony with them took only a few moments. We are glad to work with the team of Lambda Labs from the thought to the sound and beyond.”

Lambda Labs wish a good cooperation and a lot of success with Lambda Labs products!

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