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Why actually “always a wavelength ahead”?

To be a wavelength ahead means to be always one step ahead… in this fast moving and globalized world this isn’t really easy, but anyhow its our prime endeavour. According to this principle, we want to provide acoustical tools to our customers, which make this advance audible and appreciable day by day.

Where can I find out more about advanced training courses and workshops?

In our news ticker and events sections we’ll inform you about upcoming events. For further detailed information you are kindly invited to subscribe to our newsletter.

Are the speakers available in other colours?

Self-evidently our speakers are available in all RAL-colours. As usual we are open to listen to your special needs.

Which advantages does the special front fabric provide?

Common foam materials have a high air flow resistance. To minimize air flow noise, the front fabric was customized to have the lowest flow resistance as possible. Besides absolute acoustical transparency, the finely woven fabric stands out with its very high mechanical and UV resistance.

How does the HD-PU distinguish from other polyurethanes?

Polyurethanes describe themselves as a big group of different synthetic materials. The complex chemical composition determines the mechanical properties and ruggedness in each case. HD for short means high density, what results in a high surface and impact strength.

Our HD-PU coating isn’t categorized by its absolute hardness only, but by its maximum elasticity and enormous fracture toughness. Besides the high scratch resistance almost all mechanical effects like hitches and strokes are absorbed. Therefore your equipment will stay gala-serviceably even after several years of hard usage on the road.

Why are all the external metal parts of the loudspeaker enclosure stainless steel or aluminium?

However hard, every coating can get a scratch during the daily event-related mechanical stress. Rust and oxidation impairment is not an option on Lambda Labs’ professional products. Therefore we have decided to manufacture consistently all metal parts out of high-grade stainless steel or aluminium.

How does Lambda Labs get that low loudspeaker weight ?

Lambda Labs uses exclusively wood for loudspeaker enclosures. The lightweight composition of this environmental-friendly and renewable resource assures an advantage in terms of weight, while the development of the enclosure proves to be more difficult by comparison to conventional plywood, but we do everything to let you carry less load.

Neodymium magnets, pro without contra?

NdFeB (Neodymium-Ferrit-Boron) magnets are the first choice to achieve high energy flux densities within smallest dimensions and lowest weight. Modern alloys allow temperature-resistancy up to 200°C without irreversibly loss of magnetization.

Partially less surface areas of the magnetic structure can be compensated by clever construction and cooling mechanisms. The power ratings of modern neodymium Loudspeakers are quite often higher than equivalent ferrite design offerings.

Why does the TX-Series contain sheep’s wool?

Sheep’s wool isn’t just an environmental-friendly and renewable raw material, but after extensive testing, it is also the best acoustical material to optimize the impulse response of our systems. Based on that acoustical features, sheep’s wool is applied in the TX-Series to maximize performance.

How long does the development of a speaker take and why does Lambda Labs constantly achieve innovation at this?

Until a product leaves our R&D department to accomplish our high expectations, some time can pass by. Just the time a product needs to satisfy our high standards demanded by all entities at Lambda Labs. Therefore sophistication and precision of our products clearly outranks all controlling-inputs. The fine tuning follows just after the prototypes have been extensively tested and proved during real events.

No effort is spared when a problem requires new and unconventional methods to be solved. The tight cooperation with professional sound engineers, musicians, orators, system contractors and installation partners thereby guarantees a constant control and a focus on the essentials.

Is it possible to arrange an appointment for an individual system presentation?

Lambda Labs is steadily endeavoured to make presentations possible in your area too. Might this be in the course of a demonstration, a workshop or an individually arranged appointment. Just get in contact and tell us where you would like to have a system presentation.