Lambda Labs professional acoustics



The Tresor Club in Berlin

Thinking outside of the box is Lambda Labs’ key asset.


Experience the spectacular new QX-series

Get hornloaded with sound at one of our upcoming presentations in southern Germany.


The best fully hornloaded system in the world?

Judge for yourself.


Summer Live Music Special

Our distribution partner Daniel Maisel is diligent and presents our loudspeaker systems on numerous outdoor concerts from Bayreuth to Dresden. Putting every job into an audiophile summer event is a lot of fun, as he is able to amaze musicians, audio engineers and the audience likewise.

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From the University of Technology in Graz to Vienna Neustadt

Numerous students of Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering from the University of Technology Graz visited the “Wall of Bass“ at Club “Sub” in Vienna Neustadt. The excursions goal was to see and understand the outstanding concept of this unique installation. Reinhard Nell was talking and answering.

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