Lambda Labs professional acoustics



The Acousmatic Project

Lambda Labs has been chosen for The Vienna Acousmonium

The Acousmatic Project was founded in 2007 by Thomas Gorbach with the aim of performing current computergenerated music through a loudspeaker orchestra.

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Lambda Labs plays the 7 stages of Rostfest festival in Eisenerz Austria with over 66 speakers

The ROSTFEST ranks among the most innovative festivals in Austria. Under the headline “Festival for regional impulses” it has been a fixture of the town of Eisenerz (literally ‘iron ore’) at the heart of Styria since 2012.

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Summer Live Music Special

Our distribution partner Daniel Maisel is diligent and presents our loudspeaker systems on numerous outdoor concerts from Bayreuth to Dresden. Putting every job into an audiophile summer event is a lot of fun, as he is able to amaze musicians, audio engineers and the audience likewise.

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