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The Acousmatic Project

Lambda Labs has been chosen for The Vienna Acousmonium

The Acousmatic Project was founded in 2007 by Thomas Gorbach with the aim of performing current computergenerated music through a loudspeaker orchestra.

What is acousmatic music?

Thomas Gorbach explains it in the following way: “With the arrival of sound storage, music has become independent of time and space and can be replayed at will with undiminuishing quality. I like to call this the Copernican Turn in musical history. Music has become a mass phenomenon and the speaker is an irreplaceable tool and transmitter of sound signals.”

Thomas Gorbacher further explains: “This development had its inception in the beginning of the 19th century. Around the middle of that same century the first centres for investigating and composing with stored sounds were founded. The decreasing cost of production over the last few years has blurred the lines between electronic music, sound design, movie soundtracks and acousmatic music. Generally speaking however, acousmatic music is that kind of electronic music in which an attempt is made of presenting listeners with an acoustic cinema using unknown sounds. An ‘Aural Cinema’ or a ‘Movie Soundtrack without Movie’.”

The Vienna Acousmonium:

“The Acousmonium” says Thomas Gorbacher “is an orchestra of loudspeakers, an instrument for the spatialization of acousmatic music. It currently features 32 loudspeakers that are arranged inside the hall. Each speaker can be controlled through a potentiometer on the mixing desk. This makes it possible to modulate the movements, layers and nuances of sound, turning the concert into a unique sound and space experience. Listeners find themselves in the very middle of a dynamically moving sculpture of sound. The focus in choosing a loudspeaker is its versatile sound quality. The spatial arrangement of the speakers is specialized for allowing variable sound movements. The audience is surrounded by a circle of 8 loudspeakers of the highest quality, what has been realized with Lambda Labs speakers.”

The festivals:

In the last few years there have been two regular festivals: This year the first festival took place at the multi-purpose hall of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. The second festival will take place in the “Voith Werke” of St. Pölten from 24.11. to 26.11.2016.

See you there and enjoy a unique loudspeaker experience!

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