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St. Paul’s Academia in Budapest

Biblical messages in all ears

He counts to the first theologians and was one of the most successful missionaries. As an apostle of the gospel the holy Paul spread Jesus’ good news until his dying day with greatest zeal and lifeblood thus he’s ranked within the Scriptures as the true founder of the Christianity. Since fairly precise 20 years the Szent Pál Academy already teaches theology in the heart of Budapest and continues the propagation of the Christian doctrine under the banner of its eponym. Established originally as middle and east European bible college in 1990/91, the university offers state-approved graduations as theologian with numerous arbitrary main areas to its students since 2005, to which social science topics and several languages belong to. Over 600 students are able to accommodate through over 5000 square meters in the big building complex of the Hit area of the member-strongest denomination in Hungary, to pursue their study in 32 seminar rooms, libraries and lecture halls.

The pompous entrance area following the main entrance of the Academy receives its guests with modern marble, high-grade steel and glass elements and serves steadily as meeting place to the university for university celebrations, speeches and lectures with a surge capacity of over 800 persons. During common compulsory lectures the area is used as main lecture hall. Thus the university is delighted more and more by foreign-language students and just as many foreign-language guest lecturers and international guests who widen the intellectual exchange of ideas, not only the interior equipment had recently been streamlined in terms of translated signposts and schedules, but also the equipping with speakers.

To live up to the greater requirements of voice transmission quality and speech intelligibility for the numerous requirements of speeches and lectures in that very reverberant room, 10 TX-2 loudspeakers of the TX-series were installed as delay lines on the sidewalls. Haluska Istvan, responsible sound engineer of the Szent Pàl Academy remembers: “Formerly we already had very high-class speakers, which made a good job. It is not that one leaves something untried purposely. Just like in the Hit Hall acoustical things matter here and are no affair to cheap out on. By a chance we could test the TX-2 speakers a couple of days and I have to admit that I simply didn’t expect such a wide difference in the assertiveness of the speech range. Also that precise sound dispersion works to a great advantage for the room acoustics. When then still some guest auditors from Germany praised the relaxed and fatigue-proofed listening, there were no getting back for me and after all the replacement was very easy. Due to the inclinable stand flange the building conversions were very manageable.”

“And something what also pleases me more than in the past” says Haluska Istvan and smilingly points to his dorsum, “is the weight and the extraordinary handling. When the weather is fine we sometimes make seating in the garden or on a free space next to the Balaton, and to carry the TX-2 to there is really more than only comfortable.”

Technical Details

What 10 x TX-2
Where St. Paulus Akademie, Budapest, Hungary
Distributed by Lambda Labs
Installed by Haluska Istvan (Systems technician of St. Paul’s Academia)
System setup by Lambda Labs