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Apparently, somehow it seems to be trendily to propagate something as a world capital. Soccer’s world capital you may read. Or the world’s capital of mathematics. Vienna, the capital of Austria, just gladly likes to make itself out to be the world capital of music. The world capital of music. That’s music to the ears in the true sense of the word, but also a presumptuous statement, which has to be verified by all means, as there are several music-dedicated metropolises on this big world, which would like to adopt such a commercially powerful slogan. But once you finally dare a deep look into the musical activities of Vienna’s basin, this reputation turns out to be justified. The sounding thread or better said the good sound with “molto lunga fermate”, runs like a thread through the megapolis already for hundreds of years. This place wasn’t just made to be the residence and showcase for the most famous composers. Nowadays there are more jazz legends form the states living in Vienna than even in New York City, and precisely there, Viennese musicals are sold to many a time. The Vienna Boys’ Choir delights over 500.000 listeners every year and the electronic music club scene belongs amongst other relevant showplaces in Berlin, to the currently most hip addresses, just to mention one of the broad range offers of this city.

Since the beginning of 2010 the Club in the Palais Kinsky, one of Vienna’s most famous palaces, enriches the local club landscape again. Several nationally and internationally famous DJs play on Fridays and Saturdays at events like “techno with style”. “In the club Palais Kinsky we set great value upon classy ambience and an upscale club atmosphere based on the motto: quality has priority over quantity”, the manageress Nicole Kanz describes her location. “Virtually, here is where people come together for an after-work beer while chatting, but also to fete with great artists in an extensive and hard way. Fashion shows and live music are not rare here, too. Therefore, the all around renovated location should receive, apart from a completely new interior decoration, a new sound system with the ability to bring out the right acoustical main points on the main floor of the copious baroque cellar vault, while underlining this outstanding location to the highest possible extent.”

Two passive TX-3 with a 100Hz coupling on two in D-Mode operating DH-18 where installed as main PA. Due to the narrow nominal radiation angle of 50 degrees, a harmonic and perfect direct sound experience at very high sound pressure levels is achieved in this contorted facility. Therefore, incommoding sonic diffusion can be almost avoided. Due to the horn technology and the targeted directivity of the used DH-18 subwoofers, it seemed appropriate to place the woofers behind the DJ booth and the DJ in a space-saving way, without running the risk of heavily inducing room resonances or disturbing the pick-up head of the turntables, and this not even at maximum sound pressure level. The relatively high cross-over of the woofers up to the tops, additionally supports the directivity of the DH-18. Two recumbently positioned TX-2A (active) speakers, driven in fullrange preset mode, serve as uncompromising stereo monitoring.

Nicole Kanz initially wanted to know it exactly: “We had the sound system operating for some weeks in order to put the quality and flexibility of it to the proof. Thereby I was especially anxious to hear the opinions of the DJs and musicians, which finally turned out so uniformly. They love to play on that PA and the DJ booth is ever since deemed to be the best in the city. After all, that was a little more than I had expected. And how gigantic that system is, even the guests of the 15m superior top class restaurant can tell you. They were at dinner during the first sound check. Fortunately we don’t have the same opening hours” tells Nicole Kanz with a chuckle, “as the lobsters shouldn’t skip from the plates.”

Technical Details

What 2 x TX-3   2 x TX-2A   2 x DH-18
Where Klub Kinsky, Vienna, Austria
Distributed by pro performance
Installed by pro performance
System setup by Lambda Labs