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It begins in Linz and Graz got it

CX-3A and DH-18 Club installation

The project ‘Die Tischlerei’ took its inception within the club managers’ heads. A new club was needed. A club that catered exclusive eletronic music to a demanding audience. A club where the DJ crowd’s cream of the crop would be coming and going and where more than 600 guests would feel the swing of the revolving door. A bit off the beaten track. Raw. Low key. Dark. Real. And with a massive sound! Lambda Labs in Graz got it.

The beginnings in Linz recall the construction of the first European railway line’s expert development. This, once a suitable location had been found, was entrusted to Wolfgang Sauter of Pro Performance, who in turn began by selecting the adequate speakers to carry out mission ‘Tischlerei’. True to the motto “let the chips fall where they may” his choice fell on 4 CX-3A as a 4 point installation, 2 TX-2A plus 2 MF-15 as DJ monitors and a line array of 4 DH-18 subwoofers. These might not chip wood, but they certainly blow the dust off the dance floor.

“I’m glad to have found such a literally open ear with the ‘Tischlerei’s’ managers, so we could realize a truly compelling concept. We spared no efforts in bringing the speaker’s muscles, i.e. their full potential into play and decided to fall in line with the room acoustics” says Wolfgang Sauter. “In order to create the vertical line source of the DH-18 within ceiling height limit, the lowermost subwoofer has been embedded more than half a metre into the floor. The subwoofer’s various modes of assembly give us lots of room to manouvre, which allows for such results. This array” explains the sound engineer “has the desired effect of dispersing the bass energy far and evenly into the room, while maintaining the customary bone dry precision of a single DH-18. The corners are equipped with absorbers that neutralize the incoming cylinder wave. At 100 Hz 4 CX-3A take over with persuasive mids and an accurately defined high frequency section. As an installer, I find it important to have material that is powerful enough not to turn into a full blown arms race. In this case 4 single 18" subwoofers raise a lot of steam and still have quite some reserves.”

“We have lots of fun with the system as well” states Son Le smilingly, the ‘Tischlerei’s’ sound technician. “I’ve been DJing for several years myself and I still get around quite a bit, so I think we can stand a comparison. Also the feedback we get from such illustrious artists as DJ Hell, Tom Novy, Marc Romboy, John B. etc. who have played this venue, proves us right. And it’s not just the main system that keeps receiving praise, but also the monitoring which simply pleases me at a personal level, to be able to invite the artists with a clean conscience. Karotte said, he only wants to play here when he’s in Linz. What more can you ask?” Linz? Got it too…

Technical Details

What 4 x CX-3A   2 x TX-2A   2 x MF-15A   4 x DH-18
Where Die Tischlerei, DT Tanz GmbH, Industriezeile 47, 4020 Linz, Austria
Installed by pro performance
System Setup pro performance