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The University of Music and Performing Arts Graz teaches with CX-1A and MF-15A

The Institute for Electronic Music, short IEM, is a multi-disciplinary research centre of Graz’ University of Music and Performing Arts. The Department of Research and Development includes the areas of Artistic Research, Signal Processing, Acoustics as well as Computer Music. Technology and Art are thus joined together at the IEM which is interestingly situated on the Inffeld campus of Graz University of Technology.

Scientific methods of research are complemented by Artistic research with the aim of communicating existent and acquired forms of knowledge in the process of artistic endeavour. Research in the areas of Signal Processing and Acoustics focuses on analyzing sound, its transformation and synthesis, within time, frequency and space. Apart from investigations into the theory of signals and systems, the chain of communication incorporates information relevant to the sense of hearing. Sonification, live electronics and Interaction Design form the central research topics in the area of computer music at the IEM.

Individual subjects of study can be completed with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering, a Master in Sounddesign and with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree respectively in Musicology and Computer Music.

For various purposes of acoustic demonstration in its curriculum, the IEM has now invested into 12 CX-1A and two MF-15A; including for instance ambisonic installations, a recording method designed for the reproduction of a complete spacial field of sound. In contrast to channel oriented transmission procecdures there is no prescribed limit to the amount of loudspeakers. Based on mathematical input from the transmitted data of sound pressure, the respective signals are calculated for each speaker’s position individually.

In addition, the institute cooperates regularly with art projects like the “Steirischer Herbst” festival or the ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Service) and also provides the speakers.

Technical Details

What 12 x CX-1A   2 x MF-15A
Where Institute of Electronic Music and Acoustics, Inffeldgasse 10/3, 8010 Graz, Austria
System Setup by Lambda Labs