Lambda Labs professional acoustics

Dubai – Lambda Labs at the Moscow Hotel

Hotel franchise Byblos Hospitality relies on Lambda Labs products

On the outskirts of the Rub’ al Khali desert, the world’s largest sand desert, the city of Dubai has a lot in store for the visitor of this sprawling metropolis in the United Arab Emirates. While ferrying across one of the city’s numerous canals on an Abra or a short and shaded respite on one of the Souks are almost mandatory, the sojourn on an artificially created palm tree or skiing at an average outdoor temperature of 33° C, are as new an experience as the vertiginous 425 m ascent to the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, whose total height soars to a dwarfing 828 m.

The latest novelty however, is the installation of Lambda Labs products in one of the Byblos Hospitality Group’s hotel clubs, the Red Square Club of the Moscow Hotel to be precise, which as of 2005 has been situated in the popular district of Deira. Ever since, the club with accommodation for up to 350 people, can rely on the qualities of 2 TX-2A speakers, 3 MF-15A sub-woofers as well as 4 CX-1A monitors to provide its guests with first class live bands and well-known DJs. In addition, two TX-2A positioned on stage serve as versatile full-range capable monitors.

“Actually it had only been one and a half years since the club acquired a new equipment, but the results did not satisfy the chain of hotels” as Mario Tomazetich, Lambda Labs’ partner for distribution in Dubai, explains: “In the end, a fair comparison revealed the previous PA solution’s inadequacies within the club’s sober surroundings of lavishly polished lacquer surfaces and marble floors. Today we are constantly lauded by patrons and performers alike, and having satisfied even the hotel chain’s CEO, we were entrusted with further supply of Lambda Labs products on the spot.”

Technical Details

What 4 x TX-2A   4 x CX-1A   3 x MF-15A
Where Al Maktoum Street, Deira Area, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Distributed by MT-Electronic
Installed by MT-Electronic
System Setup by MT-Electronic