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Club Passion in Leoben

Passionately good sound with CX-1

The city of the college town Leoben, located in the Austrian Obersteiermark longly lacked a danceable location with clubbing atmosphere which could spare long journeys to the revellers into the surroundings. Since the beginning of last year, cars can finally stay in the garage although being dancing yourself the night away, because this club centrally located on the main square, can easily be reached by foot. Summing up all the motives that led to the naming probably would break the mold, but much blood, sweat and tears and the passionate dedication of the club operators can be felt throughout this location and due to the CX-1 and the custom-made closed subwoofer hence hearable. Nice to be able to share ones passions.

Altogether 6+4 pieces of the small and powerful CX-1 were arranged decentralized as main sound system. The very low ceiling required an extremely compact solution with sufficient output reserves. Now, the six circular arranged CX-1 and the four-point lounge floor PA system convince through very even sound distribution and dynamic and undistorted signal transmission up to the maximum load, but also through simplest and cost saving installation possibilities. On the dance floor, four in be amped mode driven CX-1B are fed by two CX-1A and its integrated high power DSP amplifier, or more specifically, one CX-1A driving two CX-1B. Two further active series each feed one CX-1B in the lounge area while the signal routing and the wiring needs are substantially minimized. The intelligent 1-click EPS rigging in combination with the steplessly adjustable flight system allows easy and precise angulations with fast and effortless hanging-up- and down, in doubt even by your lonesome.

Due to the full rage efficiency of the CX-1, the installation of further subwoofers could be utterly avoided in the Club Passion’s lounge area. Whereas on the main floor, four custom-made closed 15" subwoofer with integrated 800 watt amplifying power, arranged to a vertical line source, support the bass fundament from 100Hz down to linear 35Hz. Due to the extremely small installation depth of 26 cm and the vertical alignment of the low frequency enclosures, firstly the space requirements could be satisfied but secondly the cylinder wave characteristics of the installation realized a very broad, homogeny and expanse of the highly defined bass frequencies.

Technical Details

What 4 x CX-1A   6 x CX-1B   4 x Custom-made 15" active closed subwoofer
Where Austria, Leoben, Club Passion
Distributed by pro performance
Installed by pro performance
System setup by Lambda Labs