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Club Cube Graz

High Level Sound Squared

Cube, noun. Pronunciation: /kjuːb/ < late Latin cubus, < Greek κύβος (kybos) a cube, originally a die for playing with. Polyhedron or solid figure contained by six equal squares, twelve long edges and eight rectangular solid angles.

Cube Graz, Discotheque, noun. Pronunciation: /ˈdɪskətɛk/ < French discothèque library of music records which can be listened to on-site (1928), venue where recorded music is played for dancing (1952 or earlier). Polyhedron in the midst of Graz contained by six equal areas, on of these a dancefloor. No squares, but with edges and angles. Volume: ca. 350 Personen

Andre Kerschhaggel, Club Manager (Austria) noun, m. Pronunciation: /keʁʃˈhaɡl̩/ Nightowl. Loves Vienna’s club scene.

“We are an alternative Electro-Club in Graz and have made it our business to stir up the club scene of Graz,” as Andre Kerschhaggel describes his work. “We have a different program every week-end, in which we strive to steer away from the mainstream and offer a haven to all those nighthawks who wish to escape the doldrums of common music.”

“We had been aiming high since the very beginning,” says Kerschhaggel: “It was clear right from the start: what matters most to us is the sound of the club. In contrast to most locations we were not out to catch the eye with garishly flashy knick knacks. We wanted to have Graz all ears with the very quality of our sound system that is already setting new standards in town. Being a nightowl myself and also very fond of Vienna’s club culture, which is partly due to the world class sound systems that are installed throughout the capital, I wanted something of that kind for Graz as well,” the manager explains with a slight smile and points to the 3 DH-18 subwoofers that are stacked behind the DJ desk. Flanking it left and right by two CX-3A, suspended by a T-bracket: “What happens here is a real joy to be experienced each night anew!”

Lambda Labs. Lambda, noun. < Greek Λάμδα eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet and in Physics unit symbol for wave length. Labs, short for Laboratories. Laboratories, noun. < post-classical Latin laboratorium workplace. Manufacturer of professional PA systems.

In keeping with its concept the Cube contains some cutting edge geometric compounds. 3 cuboids as DH-18 subwoofers in D-mode arranged as a vertical line source. Volume: 500 l each. 2 Polyhedrons with rounded backs: CX-3A with rotationally symmetrical 75° radiation from the true point source at 100 Hz take over frequency. 4 Polyhedrons in the shape of TX-1A as delay line and stereo monitoring. The 4 channel amplifier with three phase hookup developped by Lambda Labs makes its premiere at the Cube. And speaking of Cubus again: several cubic metres of acoustic material and more than 6 bass traps lend the finishing touch to the installation.

“We are all agreed, that it was the best decision to work with Lambda Labs and the feedback we have been receiving from artists and guests has been equally exuberant. DJ Heist when he finished his set here told us: ‘I did not know that some of my tracks have a so f*** deep bass’,” Andre Kerschhaggel recalls with a laugh. “There is always a positive erruption of cheers because the guests are so thoroughly swept away. It’s just indescribable whenever music turns into something so physical.”

Euphoria, noun. Pronunciation: /juːˈfɔərɪə/ < Greek εὐφορία, < εὔφορος well-bearing, < εὖ well + φέρειν to bear, fruitfullness. An exuberant sensation of joy.

Zufriedenheit, noun, f. Pronunciation: /tsuːˈfʁiːdənˌhaɪ̯t/ < German < zu at + Frieden peace + heit suffix A sensation of inward serenity without demanding anything more than one already has.

Technical Details

What 4 x TX-1A   2 x CX-3A   3 x DH-18
Where Cube – Graz, Harter Straße 27, 8053 Graz, Austria
Installed by Lambda Labs
System Setup Lambda Labs