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Kasino am Schwarzenberg installs Digitalhorns

A real Viennese doesn’t get drowned… but rather goes to the Burgtheater. For the past 150 years the “theatre town” Vienna exists with its several theatres and playhouses. Stage artists are more popular in the Donau river town than in other metropolises, and the term “Burgschauspieler” ( means “Castle Actor”) didn’t forfeit any aura until today, what above all is owed to the worldwide reputation and to the name of the Burgtheater. In 1874 the construction work began in front of Vienna’s town hall located at the Dr. Karl Lueger Ring, and should take 14 years until its completion. The 14th of October 1888 the Burgtheater finally opened solemnly with Schiller’s “Wallensteins Lager” and Grillparzer’s “Esther” in the naturally outsold house. Nowadays, when other theatres battle for their existence, the “castle” – as it is called tenderly by the Viennese – enjoys from true hosts of spectators. Popular casts sometimes cater for months of ticket bottlenecks in the after all 1200 seat comprising magnificent neo-baroque building. Many buildings were added until today, which enhance the catchment area and the repertoire of the institution “Burgtheater” with further stages and halls. Therefore more than 400.000 people watch over 800 events during a repertory season. A record.

The still relatively young playhouse of the Burgtheater “Kasino am Schwarzenberg” commits itself fully to the current plays and special projects with its 500 square meters and 200 seats. Several times a month the stage serves as platform for international music and lyrics artists. Michael Steinkellner, long-time sound board operator of the Kasino knows about the variety of the location. “You must realize, that there are the most diverse plays several times a week. Our program reaches from normal theatre services through readings to musical presentations of classics right up to experimental electronic music. For instance Kruder & Dorfmeister have been here several times. Following the quality demands of the Burgtheater, we only rely on premium tools for the signal transmission which mustn’t only convince soundwise but likewise with flexibility. Thus the acts can be extremely different regarding the stage technologic expenditures and we don’t have a whole armada of stage hands at our disposal, the power with regard to dimensions and weight was especially crucial for me and our decision-making. In case of doubt I have to carry that things alone once in a while.”

For the high-mid reproduction a compact line array consisting of 12 elements with optionally flown subwoofers was installed for a flexible usage. For a hefty effect reproduction and subwoofer enhancement at vociferous concerts, the premium cylindrical radiator should be enhanced with an arbitrarily adaptable and soundwise first-class subwoofer system from 80Hz downwards. After several test runs the DH-18 subwoofer convinced the critical ear of those responsible. “The hall is mostly made of marble and the ceiling is made of golden stucco and is up to 12 meters high,” says Michael Steinkellner and shows upwards. “What you can see above is just something for your eyes but not for the ears. With the different operation modes of the DH-18 I can now react on every new situation extremely easy and fast. And compared with other systems the sound of the DH-18 appealed to me the most.”

For example, the Digitalhorn offers precise and exact bass distribution even in the infrabass-range down to 30Hz (+/-3dB) for theatre plays and visual presentations. Depending on the usage and assembly for a concert, you can switch between Space- and Directivity-Mode (S- or D-Mode), what guarantees a fast and flexible low frequency reproduction while keeping high power in reserves. The output of the two DH-18, with a measurable sound pressure level of clearly over 140dB including power compression aspects, leave no questions to be answered. “It is loud anyhow”, says Michael Steinkellner in the end and stops with a wave of his hand. “To use the Digitalhorn electively in different modes is a very fine thing, but that just one subwoofer presents such a directivity without any loss of power is plainly and simply phenomenal. A really outstanding product.”

As well for the next season the Kasino am Schwarzenberg invites to numerous shows and concerts. Where you might seat or how you see from there, might be a matter of timely seat reservation. For your hearing experience it won’t make any difference at all events…

Technical Details

What 2 x DH-18
Where Kasino am Schwarzenberg, Vienna, Austria
Distributed by pro performance
System setup by Lambda Labs